Royal Viking




Swedish Convector Stove

Craftsmanship Craftsmanship Craftsmanship what more can we say!

The Royal Viking has been developed for over 150 years, always using the latest cutting edge methods and technologies

Behind the patterned outer jacket hides a superb design with modern technology.

Thanks to its design, the Royal Viking has an efficiency of >80% and it also has a large heat heating surface.

The stove has an extra long flue gas route and as a result the majority of the heat in the flue gases is made use of, partly as radiated heat and partly via the air that can circulate between the stove’s walls and flow out.

Moreover, the casting has a good thermal capacity, which means the stove radiates residual heat for a long time.

Naturally, the Royal Viking also has air flushing for glass surfaces to combat soot on the glass, giving you the desired view into the fire.

Technical data

Heating surface ca. (m2) 40-120
Nominal power (kW) 6
Power (kW) 3-8
Flue pipe dimension Ø (mm) 125
Weight (kg) 280
Height (mm) 1670
Depth (mm) 560
Width (mm) 560
Efficiency (%) >80%